Dc Table Fan With Battery

Dc Table Fan With Battery
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The dc table fan with battery is mainly composed of a fan head, a fan blade, a mesh cover and a control device. The fan head includes an electric motor, front and rear end covers, and a moving air supply mechanism. The main components of the electric fan are: electric motor. The working principle is that the energized coil is rotated by the force in the magnetic field. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, and at the same time, due to the coil resistance, it is inevitable that some of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy.


10 inch fan blade

Three level wind design,1/1400rpm、2/1500rpm、3/1600rpm

Case material:ABS+PP

Power method: DC 12V/solar panel


Connect with DC power source directly e.g.solar power source

Alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable


Safe and tight grid fingers can not be inserted, safe against false touches.

The dc table fan with battery blades run smoothly and the air supply is soft and even.

The two-way clutch structure prevents the motor from idling and effectively extends the life of the motor.

The rear net twist button design firmly locks the thick net and does not fall off, and the fan runs safely.

Stabilizing the base, the rear padding design changes the position of the center of gravity of the fan and is more stable during operation.