ac dc rechargeable fan

Product Details


The ac dc rechargeable fan is a fan with a built-in safe and reliable sealed maintenance-free rechargeable battery. AC and DC. Rechargeable fans can be used for outdoor cooling, car and boat use, camping, power outage emergency, temporary work, mobile booths, school dormitories and other temporary power supply, easy to carry.


(1) 10 inch fan blade

(2)three level wind design,1/1400rpm、2/1500rpm、3/1650rpm

(3)case material:ABS

(4)Power method: DC 12V/solar panel

(5)Lithium battery;7.4V2000mAh

(6)fan working hours: 2.5-5 hours after charged

(7)charging method:AC110V/220V or DC


(10)Color:Green & Black/All Black

(11)Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter

(12)It can be transfered freely from AC power source to DC power source


Low noise: the blade design is precisely balanced, and the ac dc rechargeable fan runs without noise;

Low energy consumption: high quality motor, saving power consumption and increasing battery life;

Large air volume: high motor speed, providing a large amount of fan air.

It adopts the “mobile phone battery equivalent” charging protection technology, and has a charging and discharging protection circuit inside to ensure the service life of the storage.

Charging protection: When the battery is fully charged, charging will stop automatically.

Discharge protection: The fan runs on the battery and the fan will automatically stop when the battery is exhausted.