10 inch solar powered box fan

Product Details


This product is a multi-function mini fan, a multi-functional 10 inch solar powered box fan with high brightness and energy saving. It uses high-performance motors, super wind power, and automatic air guiding.

In addition to the home 220v power supply can be charged, this solar powered box fan is also designed with the function of sunlight charging, which means it can be automatically charged without any settings directly in the sun. It doesn't matter how long it takes. The sun is charging slowly and can't meet the demand. Try to charge the power supply.

The 10 inch solar powered box fan can be used in student residences that are often not powered. Going out for camping, fishing, temporary work on vehicles and ships, and various mobile stalls that are inconvenient to pick up electricity. Power outage emergency support.

Details of the solar powered box fan

(1) 10 inch fan blade

(2)Three level wind design,1/1400rpm、2/1500rpm、3/1600rpm

(3)Case material:ABS

(4)Power method: DC 12V/solar panel


(6)Connect with DC power source directly e.g.solar power source

(7)Color:Green & Black/All Black

(8)Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter

(9)solar powered box fan can be transfered freely from AC power source to DC power source

(10)1% value free spare parts

Regarding "noise", we have something to say: Because the 10 inch solar powered box fan switch is designed with a continuously variable speed switch, the function of the fan can be maximized, so the speed of the blade is high, so a certain wind sound is generated, and the speed is high. It also becomes bigger, so the wind and the wind are directly proportional.