12 Volt AC DC Ceiling Mounted Brushless Fan China

12 Volt AC DC Ceiling Mounted Brushless Fan China
Product Details

12 volt ac dc ceiling mounted brushless fan China

Basic Information:

Model NO.:ADC-12V56C4

Type:AC DC Solar Ceiling Fan



Voltage:DC 12V


Working Current:0.8-3.0A

Motor:12v DC Brushless Motor

Remote Control:Yes

Power Supply:Solar / DC 12V / 12V battery

Color:White with gloden


More than 30000 hours life motor in high efficiency;
100% Copper Brushless Motor ;Energy Saving Motor;
Voltage:DC 12 V , Power: 6-36 W;
5 Adjustable speed;
75% Energy Saving compare AC motor;
Highest Speed: 320 rpm;
Keep perfect working even in low voltage.


AC DC Ceiling Fan
Double Duty Power:
when you use the AC adapter, there is a DC socket on the bottom of the control box,you can connect the charger to the DC socket and connect to the AC power to make the fan work.
when you use the solar panel, you must make sure the solar panle is placed under the sunshine and plug the DC connector into the DC socket which is in the bottom of the control box.

Brushless DC Motor:100% pure copper brushless DC motor to guarantee the quality and life of the motor
1. With full copper motor, more stable and powerful.
2. The highest speed is 330RPM.
3. The rated power is 18W.