56 Inch BLDC Ceiling Fan With Lights

56 Inch BLDC Ceiling Fan With Lights
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56 Inch BLDC Ceiling Fan With Lights breaks the discomfort of traditional high-speed fans and brings out the three-dimensional wind from all directions, covering the entire body, maximizing the evaporation area of sweat, thus forming a breeze system that resembles nature.

The ultra-large fan solves the temperature problem in the four seasons. It can be sent to the ground slowly at low speed, eliminating delamination. The perfect effect allows you to save energy by more than 30% and effectively increase the floor temperature.


Model Number:MY-006

Type:Air Cooling Fan, Ceiling fan with light

Power Source:Electric


LED:LED Emergency Light

Shell Mtterial:Plastic

Speed control:20 level speed


Voltage (V):220

Power (W):69


Remote control:9 speeds

Color:White / Black


56 Inch BLDC Ceiling Fan With Lights uses a high-quality silicon steel sheet to produce a better electromagnetic effect, and the low-medium speed is more energy-efficient than using capacitor speed control, and many energy-saving and consumption-reducing. The technology makes this type of ceiling fan excellent in energy saving. The use of the ceiling fan in combination with the air conditioner can reduce the load of the air conditioner, and also makes the indoor temperature not easy to cause a cold, and the comfort is quite good.