56inch Dc Motor Modern LED Ceiling Fan With Lamp

56inch Dc Motor Modern LED Ceiling Fan With Lamp
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56inch Dc Motor Modern LED Ceiling Fan With Lamp can meet the practicality of lighting and fans. In addition, the fan blades of the ceiling fan lamps on the market are no longer the old-fashioned colors of the past, and the shape of the lamps can provide a good decorative effect for the restaurant. In addition to the traditional wall switch control, the ceiling fan light can be switched with the remote control, and the air volume is comfortable. It will not be dizzy like the old-fashioned ceiling fan.

In addition, the fixed base of the 56inch Dc Motor Modern LED Ceiling Fan With Lamp is made of expansion screws and self-tapping screws. It has strong stability and high safety. It does not shake like the old-fashioned ceiling fan rotates. When the old-fashioned ceiling fan was turned, if the incandescent lamp was turned on at home, the shadow of the fan blade would appear, and it would be dizzy, but the fan blade of the ceiling fan lamp was on the top, and the lamp would not appear underneath.


3 in 1 AC / DC ceiling fan with led lights

can use Bluetooth control by phone APP

Remote control with 9 speeds

20 adjustable speed with wall control

AC power

When you use the AC adapter, there is a DC socket on the bottom of the control box,you can connect the charger to the DC socket and connect to AC power to make the fan work.

DC power

when you use the solar panel, you must make sure the solar panel is placed under the sunshie and plug the DC connector into the DC socket which is in the bottom of the control box.

100% Copper Brushless DC Motor

Energy Saving Motor

75% Energy Saving compare AC motor