adc ceiling fan

Product Details


The adc ceiling fan is a smart combination of DC fans and fully integrated AC/DC converters. Their application is to replace the previous AC fan without DC voltage while reducing power consumption to about 1/3 of the original power consumption.


Product Name: adc ceiling fan

56 inch fan blades;3 Metal blade;(48 inch fan blades)

Speed control:5 speeds can be adjusted;Highest speed:320RPM(48 inch 330RPM)

Power:≦36W;Current:2.2A;(48 inch Power:≦18W;Current:1.5A)

Switch type:step switch

Motor Type:DC current,brushless motor

Noise: ≦27DB-A

powered by AC 110V-240V or solar panel

Connect to 12V power:

A.12V solar battery of power interface

B.12V emergency light battery of power interface;

C.Car of 12V power interface.


Amortization of fan costs can only be achieved in a few years due to price concessions and power savings. In addition, a reduced internal temperature rise results in a longer service life.

The adc ceiling fan is equipped with ball bearings and has a wide range of inputs for uninterrupted connection on many AC voltage networks.

There is a cable with crocodile clip to connect 12V lead-acid battery or dc connector to connect the controller box.

When the adapter inside the fan, there is a cable with a two-round plug or dc connector outside to connect to the AC power directly.

With adapter outside, we need to make a DC socket on the fan, and then the adapter links to DC socket and connects to the AC power to run the fans.