12V Dc Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan

12V Dc Ceiling Mounted Solar Fan
Product Details

Carro 12v dc ceiling mounted solar fan

Power Supply


Power Consumption

solar system

12V DC power


solar panel directly



100-240V AC power

AC adapter


Product Description

--12V Dc ceiling mounted solar fan offers wide application: This fan is great for hot summer and windless day, which is easy to install in to your home, office or other outdoors place that you wish. Hanging this ceiling fan can help to cool down, meanwhile, effectively repel the flies or mosquitoes by its good airflow to help with your sleep.

--Power source: DC12V (direct current), achieves 75% energy saving compared with AC motor. The motor of  fan has long service life. Moreover, it also can directly connect with solar panel, able to operate in the outdoor, when connect with the solar panel under the sunshine, rated power only 6-36 W, helping to reduce carbon emissions and protect the earth.  

--Low noise design, no disturb when sleeping, easy to carry and comfortable to use, our 12V Dc ceiling mounted solar fan does not occupy your home space. Speed is adjustable in user friendly design. Compact design adopted with 3 blades, it is easy to install and dismantle in your house, office or other outdoors place that you wish, and you can enjoy mute ceiling fans in summer.


1.More than 30000 hours life motor in high efficiency;
2.100% Copper Brushless Motor; Energy Saving Motor;
3.Voltage: DC 12 V, Power: 6-36 W;
4.5 Adjustable speed;
5.75% Energy Saving compared with AC motor;
6.Highest Speed: 320 rpm;
7.Keep in perfect working state even in low voltage



1.Total warranty/Guarantee: 12 months;

2.Warranty of battery: 6 months;

3.We provide 1 year warranty of product and shipment with free 1% spare parts;

4.We can send the parts free on condition that there is any breakdown with convincing evidence.