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This solar fan seller DC motor ceiling fan offers several major advantages, such as energy saving, fairly quiet moves lots air, high quality of 12V DC with good airflow and so on. It easy to install in to your home, office or other outdoors place that you wish,  ideal for homes, offices, dormitories, schools, etc.

DC12V (Direct Current) is adopted for energy saving and consumption saving. The solar ceiling fan can also be connected directly to the solar panels, helping to reduce carbon emissions and protect the earth. Solar fan voltage belongs to low voltage 12V, which is different from 110V-240V of municipal power. Low voltage is safe and reliable, saving both electricity and efforts for you.  And the product itself can be directly connected to the solar panels or solar system to work directly. Compliance with environmental protection requirements.

Five-grade air supply is available, according to the actual situation, adjust at your will. This solar fan seller DC motor ceiling fan is also perfect for larger work and living areas, workshops, lofts and high ceiling great rooms. This fan creates a comfortable environment for any activity, providing excellent airflow. It is also very convenient to use at the time of emergency when power goes off very frequently. 

Product Feature

  • DC brushless motor

  • Five level wind design

  • Power method: DC 12V

  • Wind type: Soft and strong

  • Switch type: step switch

  • Blade's material: Metal

  • Solar Fan Seller DC Motor Ceiling Fan is connected with DC power source directly power source

  • 1% value free spare parts.

  • Made according to the standard of: Normal standard

  • Solar powered,battery powered metal ceiling fan strong metal blade

  • Rated Power: 36W

  • Speed: 5 speed-320RPM, 4 speed-280RPM, 3 speed-230RPM, 2 speed-180RPM, 1speed-130RPM

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House, Travel set out, camping, emergency for solar panels or battery to operate our dormitory,and others temporary without power supply regions. Especially good summer products for countries and regions which with weak AC power supply system.


1.Input voltage: connect with DC power source directly power source;powered by AC 110V-240V or solar panel.

2.alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable

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