Decorative Ceiling Fan

Product Details
Model Number RatedVoltage RatedPower Material Color Fan speed Fan blades size
DC-12V56B2 12V 36W Metail White with groden 320rmp 56 inch


  • 56 inch fan blades; 3 Metal blade

  • 5 level controller; 5 speed-320RPM, 4 speed-280RPM, 3 speed-230RPM, 2 speed-180RPM, 1speed-130RPM;

  • Power method: DC 12V/solar panel

  • Power:≦30W; Current: 1.5~2.5A; Blade angle: 8°; Operating Voltage: 8~13V

  • Switch type:step switch/remote control

  • Motor Type: DC current,brushless motor

  • Noise: ≦27DB-A

  • motor external diameter: 217mm

  • Accessories: Motor, Five speed switch box, Boom, Blade, Wire 20cm in Length, Two installing Canopies.

  • Color:White with groden

1.More than 30000 hours life motor in high efficiency;
2.1000% Copper Brushless Motor ;Energy Saving Motor;
3.Voltage:DC 12 V , Power: 6-36 W;
4.5 Adjustable speed;
5.75% Energy Saving compare AC motor;
6.Highest Speed: 320 rpm;
7.Keep perfect working even in low voltage.


  • Convenient

  • Energy-saving

  • Environmental protection

  • Safe operation

  • Long life time

  • The use of solar energy into electrical energy supply, saving energy and reducing consumption

  • Reduce electricity supply and have a cooling summer