Luxury 60 Inch DC Ceiling Fan

Luxury 60 Inch DC Ceiling Fan
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Luxury 60 Inch DC Ceiling Fan is also known as DC brushless electric fan. This type of electric fan is mainly energy-saving. The energy consumption is only about 1/4 of that of general induction motors, so the prospect should be good. Now everyone advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, and there should be considerable market potential in the future. It may realize stepless speed regulation to make the speed regulation smoother.


Model Number: MY-005

Type: Air Cooling Fan

Motor: dc brushless motor

Ceiling Fan Material: wood

Rated Power: 20-69w

Voltage (V): 220

Power (W): 75

Fan speed: 280rpm

Fan Noise: 27DB-A

Speed controls: 20 speed controls

Remote control: 9 speed remote control


If the lubricating oil is not supplemented as it should be, the electric fan motor will not be able to maintain normal operation, and there will be a phenomenon that the speed is reduced or not turned, and the motor is burned.

The Luxury 60 Inch DC Ceiling Fan should be installed in a higher position on the ceiling without the ground wire. The fan blades of the electric fan are important components, and the bearing heater must be protected from deformation during installation, disassembly, scrubbing or use.