Rechargeable Ceiling Fan

Product Details


Rechargeable Ceiling Fan is both decorative and not practical, and has been loved by many people during home renovation. There are many brands of ceiling fan lamps on the market, and the quality of products of different brands is not the same. Most of the ceiling fans are capacitor motors made of silicon steel and pure copper wire. This motor has a simple structure and a smoother current flow, thus reducing the noise generated by wind resistance.


(1)56 inch fan blades;3 Metal blade;(48 inch fan blades)

(2)Speed control:5speeds can be adjusted;Highest speed:320RPM(48 inch 330RPM)

(3)Power method:DC 12V/solar panel/ AC 110~220V

(4)Power:≦36W;Current:2.2A;(48 inch Power:≦18W;Current:1.5A)

(5)Switch type:step switch

(6)Motor Type:DC current,brushless motor

(7)Noise: ≦27DB-A

(8)powered by AC 110V-240V or solar panel

(9)Color:White with gloden

(10)Blade's material:Metal

Shopping tips

The larger the size of the Rechargeable Ceiling Fan, the wider the range of blown air, but the load on the motor will be heavy, so the speed will be slow and the wind will drop. On the contrary, the smaller the fan blade size, the smaller the range of the blower, but the motor load is light, so the speed will be fast and the wind will naturally be large. Rooms with poor natural air mobility or areas with very hot weather should use large size to achieve the right amount of air.