bldc solar ceiling fan

bldc solar ceiling fan
Product Details


The bldc solar ceiling fan is a new type of solar energy application that combines solar panels with ceiling fans. It uses solar panels to generate electricity for ceiling fan motors and drives fan pages to provide a cool wind for use.

The standard bldc solar ceiling fan consists of: solar panels, solar controllers, batteries, ceiling fans, solar cables, screws, hook-on backpack remote controls and other accessories.

Bldc solar ceiling fan can be used for family balcony, roof, for new construction site, remote farmland, forest farm, orchard and other inconvenient power supply areas to cool down.


(1)56 inch fan blades;3 Metal blade;(48 inch fan blades)

(2)Speed control:5speeds can be adjusted;Highest speed:320RPM(48 inch 330RPM);

(3)Power method:DC 12V/solar panel/ AC 110~220V

(4)Power:≦36W;Current:2.2A;(48 inch Power:≦18W;Current:1.5A).

(5)Switch type:step switch

(6)Motor Type:DC current,brushless motor

(7)Noise: ≦27DB-A

(8)powered by AC 110V-240V or solar panel


When using bldc solar ceiling fan, please keep the surface of the solar panel clean so as not to affect the use effect;

Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble parts;

The lighting speed of the ceiling fan is different depending on the lighting.