As Long As The Place Where The Sun, Not Afraid Of No Electricity

A simple thin-film solar, by absorbing sunlight, which can convert light energy into electrical energy. Film containing a USB interface, so you can charge anytime, anywhere. Therefore produce a lot with mobile charging products. External bag containing film, the film is irradiated lamp power to drive a small fan to rotate. There are direct drive home DC fan speed operation. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, this is definitely good news.

Of course, also be used for thin film solar home infrastructure. Film power user's system as a whole. Film roof absorb sunlight to produce direct current, the inverter controller turning it into alternating current and fed to the house; the battery is responsible for electricity storage, to ensure that there is no sunlight, it also can continue to supply. In addition, thin-film technology can be used for disaster relief and other emergencies, unmanned aerial vehicles and other emerging technologies, electricity and other public projects in remote areas.

The total depletion of traditional energy of the day, but the solar energy inexhaustible. The solar cell is generally divided into crystalline silicon cells and CIGS (CIS incorporation Ga) compounds such as thin-film batteries.

Furthermore, less film material, simple process, low energy consumption; flexible bendable, light weight, shape plasticity, easy and building integrated, future BIPV and mobile terminals have a wider market. Compared to crystalline silicon, thin film can truly zero pollution; temperature coefficient, low light power also has obvious advantages.