Deal With Fan Noise,Do You Have To Recruit ?

Summer, various types of air-conditioning fan come out. Many workers fear the day in air-conditioned office to be easy to get a long time, "Air conditioning disease", with weak constitutions children home for the elderly, we tend to use the fan cooling effect of the weaker home. However, with the increased use of time, the fan noise will gradually increase, more and more failures. To personally solve these problems, we must first learn the basics of the fan.

The main components of the fan motor, motor direct impact on fan performance. According to different electrical operating power, the fan is currently on the market can be divided into two types: AC and DC fan motor fan.

Genus fan rotating machinery, noise is the main source of aerodynamic noise and mechanical noise. Reduce aerodynamic noise You need good aerodynamic design, it is closely related to the blade design. Mechanical noise is mainly generated by vibration rotation, shaking his head devices leaf, usually when used, should be concerned about whether the fixture blades installed, swing the nose portion of the fan is loose and so on.

First, start the fans listen to the sound, if the sound is sharp and irregular, it may be loose and fan noise, fan or dusty cause increased friction and noise. Then you can turn off the fan, open grille, check the fan is fitted tightly, and clean up dust blade.

Second, use the fan after a period of time, we recommend appropriate to add a little oil in the motor shaft. Because with the increased use of time, the oil will gradually consumed, leading to the motor shaft friction increases, the noise increases.

Again, the size of the noise with distance, direction, gears are closely related. Therefore, when using an adjustable distance between the fan and the people, it is best to keep more than 1 meter, while adjusting the wind, to avoid the fan blowing straight at people.