Fan class

Foshan Carro Electrical Co., mainly engaged in research and development of energy-saving emergency products, in addition to a portable solar DC system, the main products are rechargeable fans and solar fans.

CE charging fan
The product contains a battery, which can be applied to the use of a DC power supply. With the optional third gear, air cool and refreshing, can according to its height adjustment, strong blade send natural fresh and cool feeling. Products with LED lights, lighting is also very beautiful, the most important is that the price is not high, but can enjoy the non general fan can give the feeling of summer.

DC solar fan
Solar fan is the concept of energy consumption reduction of R & D. Now advocate energy saving and environmental protection, and the solar fan is catching up. Solar energy fan built without battery, but it in addition to the usual household electricity usage, but also through the work of the solar panels. This is very favored by foreign trade buyers.

sprinkling fan
Spray fan is a kind of outdoor refrigeration system or open air cooling system. Third gear speed. Can tilt the head, the amount of water mist can be randomly adjusted. This spray system can reduce the dust, regulate the atmosphere, water droplets evaporation time can reduce the ambient temperature 4-8 degrees. The main characteristics of spray fan: cool, reduce dust and increased humidity, easy to move, processing waste, mines and other pollution control, odor elimination.