Gas heater

      Gas heater according to the use of gas source, is divided into liquefied gas heater and natural gas heater, its product features are: large heat, warming fast, without preheating, that is, open the heat.


      Both liquefied gas and natural gas are the same shape, the difference is that the nozzle pressure is different, the two can not be mixed. Natural Gas Currently all domestic manufacturers are connected to natural gas pipelines, can not pick up canned natural gas.

      Mainly applied to: factory workshop, restaurant, canteen, office, large conference room, hotel, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, pedestrian street, sports hall, car showroom, bathing center, villa garden and outdoor recreation and other places.8 -12 square meters, the greater the area heating slower.



1 to be done after the ignition gas, people go off the gas.

2 Use this product to keep at least one door or window open to allow indoor air circulation.

3 After using, please pay attention to close the intake switch.

4 use the process, it is found that flame hours nozzle plug, please deal with nozzle hole.

5 Remember to not burn water dripping above the stove when burning.

6 Before using this product, please carefully read the product manual, and the professionals for your installation. We do not assume that you are not properly installed or use this product to cause any loss to you.

7 This product does not include a gas pipe connected to natural gas.


Warranty Description:

1. The company's products are strictly ex-factory inspection, please rest assured that the user, one year warranty.

2. Where the user disassembles the internal parts caused by damage, changes and other issues are the user responsible, such as due to improper transportation or use and beyond the warranty problems, charge for the repair fee.