How to blow the fan is correct?


The fan is a great invention, since the fan was born, we can not do without it, especially in this hot season.
So, the question came, how to blow the fan is correct?
With the fan, we do not need their own effort, you can enjoy the cool of the wind. However, its convenience seems to have brought some new distress to some people.
"The fan blowing the head, or against the foot blowing?
Some people think: head afraid of heat, some people think: head blowing, easy to cold, headache.
Listen, it seems to be "so that there is the truth, but that also said that the truth." A moment, do not know how to put the fan was appropriate.
Do not blow the head, but also against the feet
In fact, if you have to choose one, the fan or not against the foot to blow well.
As the saying goes, "cold by the feet of Health", Chinese medicine also has "cold head warm enough to take medicine" argument, cold head warm feet is considered an important health care principles.
Foot from the heart of the farthest, but also in the bottom of the human body, once the cold, the blood reflux will be blocked, resulting in meridian obstruction, and easily lead to a variety of diseases.
On the contrary, the head of the blood supply is sufficient, the most cold - also the most afraid of heat.
In fact, it is spinning
In the fan has not yet been born before our ancestors have been used fan fan to help cool. Even now, there are still many elderly people like to gently shake the palm of your hand.
We can look at them, they are facing the head fan, and only occasionally so few, is the foot of the foot, the main purpose is estimated to be more to catch the mosquito, rather than Quxie.
This is because, under normal circumstances, as long as the head does not feel hot, the body will not feel annoying uncomfortable.
So, put an electric fan at the feet, let it against the foot of the blow is a healthy approach. Of course, the fan is always facing the head straight blow is also wrong.
The most appropriate approach is to let the fan naturally shaking his head rotation, so that the entire house air flow speed, so that the indoor temperature will be reduced, the body will feel more comfortable.