How To Buy A Fan With Small Noise

If you want to buy a new fan with small noise, then you need to "four steps":

The first step: to buy well-known brands or influential manufacturers. Usually well-known brand technology is more mature, more concerned about product performance and after-sales service, selected laboratory measured data is also more reliable. Foshan Carro Electrical fan has a great reputation in the Middle East market, the quality of products for all to see.

Step Two: Follow instructions or nameplate parameters of noise (unit: dB (A)). Noise parameter smaller, less noise. However, since the amount of wind and noise both mutual restraint "air volume" and "noise" can not have both; therefore, we must first determine the amount of the fans to be more wind, then the wind in the same amount, select a smaller fan noise .

The third step: to buy more gear fan. Recommended purchase DC fans, DC fans as a rising star, power, good speed performance, gentle wind, noise is also small, highly sought after market, but the price is higher. Foshan Carro CE brand DC fans among the best in the industry, has a good reputation.

Step Four: Start the fans and to the maximum operating speed gear, and then stood one meter outside to feel the size of the noise, buy a smaller fan noise.