Inflatable Solar Umbrella Fan

Don't want to be the sun of summer? Below this kind of sunscreen artifact may help you. A Dutch company recently developed a meet sunshine can automatically open "solar inflatable umbrella". This "solar umbrella" whenever absorb sunlight will automatic filling, for users to block sunlight. The umbrella made of nylon, topped with solar panels, power supply for the built-in fan after absorbing sunlight. Can also be waterproof, streamlined design can also be the wind.

When it comes to summer become unbearably hot, in addition to know the sun, but also cool. Many people would say that air conditioning is a very good cooling artifact, but air conditioning blowing too much, will have air-condition disease, and indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, it would be easy to catch a cold. Fan is the best choice for summer cooling. Now more and more people choose dc fan, dc fan than conventional low voltage ac fan and save energy consumption, and dc fan has a benefit is that you can carry to outdoor use. Using range more widely.

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