The Development Of Rechargeable AC-DC Fan

The global rechargeable AC-DC fan industry is in full development of the global electric fan products and battery technology, began to rise in twenty-first Century. But it appeared, with its convenient, energy saving and environmental protection, has been the world's consumers.
In 1880, American Shule first blade is mounted directly on the motor, and then connected to the power supply, this is the world's first Teclast fan. After the launch of the electric fan, once dominated the home and industrial cooling market.
But after the advent of air-conditioning, because it has the electric fan without temperature adjustment function, use in the economic developed area of the electric fan gradually replace air conditioning, but in developing countries and less developed areas is still as sunstroke of main equipment.
After entering in twenty-first Century, due to the deterioration of the environment, the developed countries began to raise awareness of environmental protection, the government on environmental regulation is increasingly strict, green energy saving and environmental protection become the pursuit of life. The electric fan just to meet the new demand to energy-saving emission reduction and green environmental protection. Although the air conditioner has a good cooling effect, but the power consumption of the products, and the need to closure of the indoor space, make indoor air can not flow, easy to breed bacteria and virus cross infection, for a long time in air-conditioned environment prone to dizziness, cold and other symptoms. And the electric fan can make indoor air circulation, coupled with negative ion, photocatalyst, such as leading technology in the fan product good application, the cooling fan in the summer heat at the same time, but also to the role of indoor air purification. Therefore, with the fan dual effect of energy saving and environmental protection products by consumers in developed countries more and more popular.
Entered in twenty-first Century, along with the increase of battery working time, will form a rechargeable AC-DC fan can be combined with the traditional battery fan. Rechargeable AC-DC dual-purpose fan once available, because of its convenient and practical characteristics, many consumers, especially is often lack of electricity power of consumers in developing countries and advocating green and low carbon life of Europe and the United States consumer's favor, that as a traditional electric fan industry rejuvenated.