The Larger The Case Fans Really Is The Good?

Fan, for we are very familiar with, since small sent cool every summer will give, accompany us through life each summer. Fan for computer is indispensable, neither the chassis and keeping, or CPU/GPU forced cooling, or colorful visual impact, fans have the responsibility to bear.

How to choose a suitable case fans

Fan can be simply classified into three categories, one is air fan, wind pressure fan, another kind is the last category is balanced fan, three fans as the name suggests is that some air volume particularly big, some wind pressure particularly big, some are both a little but not all (all great either very expensive or very noisy), and according to actual needs to choose the scene.

Should say air fan for most applications, can let more air is involved in the process of heat exchange, like, the side on the rear chassis, fans can choose type air fan, air duct flow, the chassis front fan can also use big air volume fan, if the hard drive cage near the fan, such as wind pressure class fans better, fan for radiator is tie-in, if of not very dense radiator fin is not very thick, or in the air fan is given priority to, the basic principle is that the convulsions of the fan choose big fan air flow and more intensive, resistance to a larger area of blowing fan use more high wind pressure fan, and there is a premise, the noise is little, at least you can't hear it in the still of the night in the calling is busy with joy!