The Market Demand Of Global Rechargeable AC-DC Fan

Rechargeable AC-DC fan mainly concentrated in the summer, outdoor leisure and emergency application disasters use. Emergency use rechargeable AC-DC fan mainly concentrated in the market of power shortage in developing countries, mainly for leisure use in developed countries and developing countries outdoor leisure market.
1, emergency use of rechargeable AC-DC fan Market demand.
2, leisure use rechargeable AC-DC fan global market demand.
3, in response to natural and social disasters on the demand for rechargeable AC-DC fan.
4, “Air-conditioning syndrome” of rechargeable AC-DC fan demand.
5, "energy saving and emission reduction, protect the environment" to promote the demand for rechargeable AC-DC fan.
To improve the performance of Brushless DC motor fan
Everyone is well aware of the fan, born in 70, a child who may has not fan only with the palm leaf fan, paper fan, fan shade, energized after the start of the ceiling fan, desk fan, floor fan. Now the fan has been updated many varieties, DC fan is the current rise the fastest a novel electric fan, because the fan using the high efficiency without the brushless DC motor and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving low carbon, long life, low noise, super excellent EMC and other advantages, these advantages and the motor drive is inseparable, also is the advantage of the brushless DC motor.
The following is the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Brushless DC motor and other types of motors
DC fan due to the time used in the brushless DC motor drive, no electromagnetic interference, completely overcome the brush commutator motors electromagnetic interference, noise, the disadvantages of short service life of the machine, has also been widely used in electronics, electricians and other mandatory cooling applications.
The brushless DC motor to realize the current frequency by PWM pulse width modulation method, the running efficiency of the brushless DC motor is greatly improved, can save half of the power supply. Brushless DC motor is a strong impetus to the retrofitting performance of the fan, add a step for the new era of intelligent life.