The Summer Will Be To Turn Out Fan Cleaning Again

The summer is coming, the weather began to heat up! Protective network storage through the winter and spring, electric fans and fan accumulated thick dust, if not clean and directly use electric fan, the dust will spread with the rotation of the blades into the air, causing air pollution. So how to clean the electric fan is right?

Ready for tools, according to the electric fan disassembling procedures to do, can rapid clean good fan. First, prepare to fan cleaning tools must be equipped: model quite a screwdriver model, dry/wet dishcloth a brush, shoe brush, hair dryer, detergents, basin, lubricating oil and other tools necessary, only will these tools equipped to sufficient preparation for clean electric fan.

After preparing job, began to clean up before the electric fan, cut off power supply first, if just use electric fan before cleaning, then let it cool off, in case of scald hands.

In clean basin of water and detergent, wash carefully protection network and blades, cleaner can choose washing powder or family commonly used products such as detergents, but avoid by all means use oil such as gasoline detergent, because oil detergent can cause corrosion to the paint and plastic, damage the appearance of the electric fan and even life; Then it by a clean cloth with cleaner widget and the fuselage.

After completion of cleaning, dry all parts with a clean dry cloth, then dry it in ventilated place.

Finally, let's put all the parts according to the installation back, disassembly sequence of fan cleaning work is completed.