Water Mist Fan

Water mist fan, a wonderful fan which suited to use in hot summer day. Saving more energy and more greener than air conditional, also cooler than it. Carry convenience, you can take where you want to enjoy it. A new time product from the new technology grown up.

Water mist fan structural stability and excellent performance. Multi-using secondary centrifugal atomization design, do not use high-pressure nozzle type, reduced maintenance nozzle clean, very convenient and environmentally friendly.

Can quickly cool down; at the same time compared to conventional air conditioners and chillers, etc., spray fan low power consumption, more energy efficient; longer life; the lower the probability of simultaneous failure, in terms of maintenance is more simple and convenient; moisturizing effect and better cooling effect.

Water mist fan utilizes centrifugal force physics to convert the droplets into tiny droplets, so that, not only expanded the evaporation area of the body which will feel comfortable exception. A process that can not be ignored is that the droplets are driven by powerful air rolled out of the liquid very fast speed, so the utilization of water several times higher than in the past, and this process is converted into droplets absorb heat so that air process to achieve the cooling effect.