Analysis Of Speed Control Of DC Fan

Do you know the speed control of the DC fan?
With the development and progress of society, DC fan in daily life are widely applied to inverter, inverter power supply, inverter, inverter power supply, electric welder, cabinets, electrical box, LED display frequency, spark machine, packing machine, computer chassis, electric vehicle charger, medical equipment, apparatus.
Under normal circumstances, the low speed operation of the cooling fan can be enough to complete its work. But in the selection and installation should be considered: first, the choice of fan must be able to provide enough of the exhaust air rate (speed), under the high temperature inside the device hot air cooling; when the temperature is relatively low and the flow of hot gas less is to do the opposite.
DC fan operation is changed with the heat of the situation, with a slower rate of operation, the DC fan will produce less noise and consume less energy. In most of the design requirements, in the DC fan speed running hours after the air temperature is usually higher than the maximum design temperature values are low.
Secondly, in the installation of the sensor position should be noted that the location of the sensor placed in the appropriate position, so that the sensor can be directly clamped in the required cooling surface. In operation, a temperature controlled fan. If the thermistor feeling temperature is higher at faster speeds; and when the temperature is low, running at low speed; between the higher and lower, the fan speed will almost never due to temperature change. Fan temperature change is slow, the fan speed change is also slow, will not suddenly change the speed and noise of the fan. The length of the reaction time is mainly determined by the sensitivity of the sensor to the thermal sensitivity.