Choose A Fan,AC Or DC?

A lot of consumer are in the purchase of a fan, absorbed and product quality, quality is reliable or not, long time, etc. the problem instead of going to consider to buy is used where and in what position, is a DC or AC, often is some good product is used in unsuitable places, make the product didn't play to the real advantage of it. So the cooling fan in the choice, is to use the AC or DC good, the following is the Foshan Carro Electrical Co.,Ltd to explain to you the knowledge of this area:
The same size of DC and AC fan, the role and function are similar, but AC fan, just as its name implies, it is through the exchange of power, now home of the power sockets and factory equipment in many is alternating current, so the application is more extensive, and DC fan cost and price although is lower than that of the AC, and is particularly suitable for used in place of power is not sufficient.
DC and AC fan difference is that DC motor with three winding, are respectively wound on the rotor, spindle is mounted with a permanent magnet block, surrounded by the rotor, and does not require starting capacitance, but need to use carbon brush, a long time the need to replace the carbon brush, exchange and does not need, but through the current operation, is more convenient.
So in the selection of fan, the first to buy their own what specifications clearly, followed by understanding is used in what place, according to the use of different places to choices is DC or AC, second is the choice of a good brand. Fan good brand is not necessarily cheap than others, but the quality and service will be more assured.
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