Do You Understand These Ceiling Fan Knowledge?

First, we look at the professional point of view to analyze. Quantity air is the unit of time in the circulation of air, the unit is cubic meters per second. Strictly speaking, volume evaluation of ceiling fan is the need to go through the air testing equipment professional to measure accurate data. And only in the delivery of security certification when sampling or when new product development will be used.
How to identify the ceiling fan's air?
The ceiling fan's air and the size of the motor with ceiling fan ,ceiling fan blade frame, angle, blade angle, as well as the use of the environment and so on are related. We first understand the factors behind the air flow, the angle of the blade angle, blade angle. These two factors as the message should not worry too much, because manufacturers will set the best data. Ceiling fan in front of the mass production has been designed, and the use of the environment, as long as it is in accordance with the original ceiling fan accessories to install, don't let the leaves too close from the ceiling, or installed in a very small space inside, the air has little effect on the. And the most important factor affecting the air volume, is the motor. Motor has 153 motors, 172 motors, 188 motors. Generally speaking, 42 inch fans will only use 153 motor, 172 is relatively less, if ceiling fan is 52 Inch or larger size, manufacturers will be used directly 188 of the motor. So, if you want to buy air fan is larger then suggested to select 188 ceiling fan motor. And 42 inch fan, if the quality of the motor is better, used in the 6-10 square of the dining room, ah, about 10 square small room,  the ceiling fan is completely enough.