Fan Cleaning

1 clean the fan blade, the use of electric fans after the bin packing, placed during the fall will be dust, dust accumulated for a period of time will form dirt. Fan blade due to a long time for a long time to rotate, it is easy to accumulate dust, then how to clean the fan blade? First, open the net cover, remove the fan blade, with a detergent to wipe the water, remember, must not be forced to fold or use a hard object to wash, so as not to damage the fan blade, clear finish to dry.

2. Clean the net cover, the cover clean is more difficult, because of the net cover greater density, slot, clean up with great difficulty. However, Xiaobian teach you a few tips, will net cover is removed and placed into a fully able to fill the container. Then, pour enough water, several drops of detergent, half an hour after foam and with the brush gently brush can be, but the force should be uniform, do not overexert, resulting in net cover deformation or paint off the impact of the use and appearance.

3. The body clean, the chassis is the main parts of the body clean, however, external cleaning is relatively simple, with a damp cloth dipped in detergent, then wipe, after scrubbing after Naganbu dry can. So, the overall cleanliness of the electric fan is finished the. In addition, the fan can not turn up a lot of time is the problem here. To drop the mechanical oil here, and then it is ok.