Foshan Carro Electrical Co.,Ltd Joined The Intersoalr North America 2016 Successfully.

Foshan Carro Electrical Co.,Ltd have complete successed in 2016 China Brand Exhibition in Brazil on Aug.23th to 25th. This  exhibition leaded Carro brand into South America market, also  promoted South America economy and trade communication, and get a  lot.

This Brazil exhibition was based on solar, create green new energy, build green new environment was exhibition slogan,  attracted many buyer came to visit. Our company with the help of  this exhibition, laid the foundation of exploiting South America,  also lead Carro brand into America market.

As a export brand in Shunde, Foshan Carro Electrical has been famous and good sell in all the courtries in Middle east. With the idea: Open  a better life, New guide of energy popularize, Our products  ceiling fan has be the most attention products in oversea market,  especially this exhibition has been attracted lots of buyer from  all over the world attention. 

The years of 2016 is a special year for Foshan Carro Electrical Co.,Ltd to development strategy of globalization. Foshan Carro  combine target market what they need and remould and level up to  the products, make Foshan Carro real suit for foreign household  appliances market, open a new, healthy and save energy home  experience for many family all over the world.