How To Choose Solar Car Fan

After the spring rain, will usher in a hot summer! The damage caused by acid rain, while the car, the driver also indirectly constitute some of the adverse effects of factors. Rainy season that the interior decoration more prone to damp, moldy phenomenon, and the scorching sun makes the temperature inside the car jump, high temperature make driving very does not adapt, but also affect the service life of the vehicle electrical appliances. There is nothing that can remove the moisture in the car and to driving in the summer are cool? If this product is both economical and environmentally friendly words is not better. So, today we used car information as you have such a recommendation function, but also the economic and environmental protection products: solar fan.
Solar fan, is the use of solar panels to attract the sun light, the light energy into electrical energy, and then make use of power to drive the fan operation. Solar fan comprises a solar panel, fan, wiring etc..
Buy solar fan
Buy solar fan mainly in two aspects, one is the solar panels, the other is a fan motor. In addition, buyers should also consider the appropriate installation or display space.
1. solar panel
The solar panel determines the fan rotation speed, determines the size of the utility solar fan. The power of the solar panel is mainly composed of solar panel materials and the number of determine . The best photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar panels and the silicon material, that is to say consumers should try to choose a solar fan material monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar panels. But even if the solar panel manufacturing monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon, if the number of permutations that the density is not enough, will also affect the efficiency of solar energy fan.
2.the fan motor
Many products are solar fan configuration power interface or USB interface, so don't worry about wind power. But if the fan motor is too small, even if the vehicle power supply can not raise the wind, the solar fan use effect is not ideal. So, if the owners’ friend want the strong wind fan , can purchase enough of a solar fan motor.