Recommend DC Fan For Summer

we are most commonly used is air conditioning and fans in are essential. The use of air conditioning is local, and the use of the fan is flexible. Many types of fans, buy a good fan is not a simple matter.

Household fan has a variety of options, table fan, box fan, stand fan, ceiling fan. I personally feel that DC fans are most suitable, because the DC fan compared to ordinary fans more secure, power, followed by DC motor noise than ordinary motor much smaller, will not affect our rest, and DC fans can adapt to a variety of scenes and the environment, The use of a wide range.
Now buy DC fans, which products can be considered? Here I recommend for you 4 DC fans.
1.Carro ADC-12V56E2 Ceiling Fan
In the ordinary fan on the basis of Carlo ceiling fan with brushless DC motor, than the ordinary AC motor to save 75% of the energy. Have their own patented circuit boards, low-voltage low-power high-speed, AC, DC both, high security performance. But also with the reverse function, so that more indoor air circulation.


2.Carro CE-12V16K6 Rechargeable Stand Fan
Carlo charging fan, the use of DC motor, energy saving than the ordinary fan, there are 15 LED lights, telescopic rod, you can adjust the fan level, built-in battery, fully charged can use 8 hours, while working side of the charge, When the power outage, the fan can work properly. The fans are also used with AC or solar panels.


3.Carro DC-12V16B3 DC Stand Fan
Carlo DC fan, the use of DC motor, the use of DC power supply, you can use the battery, solar panels, control box drive work, as well as emergency lights for trial. It is suitable for power supply function is not very good, or frequent power outages in the area used normally. Our home use can save a lot of electricity and save money.


4.Carro CE-12V10Q Rechargeable Box Fan
Carro 10 inch rechargeable page fan, the use of DC motor, energy saving, built-in lithium battery, N charge and discharge, high speed, air volume, home suitable, go out for a picnic, travel is also suitable for easy to carry.