Something With CE And Pakistan

Recently, the boss to go to Lahore to negotiate the purchase of construction land for the future construction of a new fan factory, yes, he is the head of Foshan Carro Electrical Co., Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as "CE"), Zhang Jiansheng, he is located in Shunde Liang Fengxiang industrial area business Business, Pakistan as one of the key points, has become an important destination for corporate investment.
Compared with the domestic similar products, CE is more emphasis on energy conservation, "because foreign countries, domestic electricity prices are relatively high, and often power outages, we developed according to the local market fan, power failure can use solar power, very practical." Products are based on the actual situation of the local innovation, and now CE is more than Jiucheng fans are ceiling fans, "because in Pakistan and other countries, the room is generally larger, the temperature is very high, a room two ceiling fans on it.
Select Pakistan to do regional center
A few years ago, a Pakistani trader found Qizheng's products on the Internet, tentatively ordered hundreds of units, did not expect sales surprisingly good, followed by orders from the source, the Pakistani market so into the Carro is the vision.
In 2012, Qizheng management to Pakistan to carry out business visits and found that the local demand for the fan is indeed great 2016 years, CE is in Pakistan Punjab Lahore set up a production base. "Lahore in terms of infrastructure and people's business awareness in Pakistan is the forefront of the economy is more developed," according to observation, the locals hard-working, need is to strengthen the skills training and discipline to develop, "a Qualified local employees are not worse than we are. "Even with local religious festivals and full communication, the two sides can reach a reasonable agreement that respects the habits of the Palestinian people and does not affect the normal development of the production.