Stay Away From The Air-condition Disease Electric Fan Makes You A Cool Summer

Believe that most people are off the thick cotton-padded jacket, let the body fully enjoy the early summer, the temperature of the noon time is the hottest day, a lot of friends feel themselves, but often open air conditioning, it is easy to suffer from air-condition disease, it is detrimental to health, so an electric fan bring you a comfortable enjoyment.
Hot summer is coming, to blow air conditioning blow much, it is easy to blow an air-condition disease, and some children old man also be air conditioning cold wind blowing straight, this time a on the electric fan is indispensable to improve the life experience of objects. Electric fan is more healthy environmental protection, save electricity and practical.
Now electric fan is very common in everyone's life, but ordinary fan is really hard to meet the hot summer is hot, but kai electric special research and development of the electric fan is not only to bring us cool breeze, still can make indoor temperature is reduced, give people more upscale quality of life. Next small make up recommend you three new electric fan, let it be cool to spend just arrived early summer.
Rev is electric co., LTD is mainly engaged in research and development of energy-saving products, in addition to the portable solar dc system, the main products are rechargeable fan and solar fan.

 CE rechargeable fan

Products with battery, can be applied to ac/dc power supply is used, recharging. Has three optional, supply air cool and refreshing feeling, can adjust the height, according to their own strong blade out natural pure and fresh and cool feeling. Products with LED lights, can lighting also appears high-grade beautiful, the most important thing is, the price is not high but can enjoy the general fan can give summer feeling.

The DC solar fan

Solar energy fan was developed by using the concept of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Now advocate of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is the electric fan is to catch up with the solar energy. Solar energy fan built-in battery, but it is in addition to the ordinary household use, also can work by solar panels. This is a very favored by foreign buyers.

 The spray fan

The spray fan is a kind of open wide type indoor or outdoor refrigeration system with cooling system. Three speed control. Can tilt shook his head, the size of the amount of water mist can be randomly adjusted. The spray system can reduce dust, adjust the atmosphere, water droplets evaporation can decrease the temperature of around 4 to 8 degrees. The main characteristics of spray fan: cooling, reduce dust, increase humidity, mobile convenience, processing waste, mine pollution control, eliminate odor, etc.

 Rev is electric co., LTD. Has been developed in different areas of the electric fan, guarantees the quality, and continuously reform and innovation. All above three kinds of electric fans are popular summer necessary choice. And was deeply loved by domestic friends, choose rev is electrical is the most correct choice in summer, at the same time and is will you hand in hand towards the green energy new era.