What Are The Components Of The DC Fan?

With a DC fan for so long , you know the DC fan is made up of what part?
The following is the DC fan manufacturers in Foshan Carro Electrical Co., Ltd for you to explain in detail:
1, fan motor parts: including the circuit board, the control of energy consumption and signal access, silicon steel ( the stator magnets, with winding coils) to produce a magnetic switch, silicon steel, under the cover, fixed and insulated.
2, fan frame: supporting the fan motor and the diversion effect.
3, a fan stator part: including spring support, separate bearing balance shaft, bearing, with high speed, low friction, long-life rotation and a retaining ring. Tuberculosis fixed rotation the parts, motor parts, production direction of rotation, the dynamic size rotate speed is the key.
4, fan rotor part: including the fan blade, is the source of air flow and fan shaft, used to support balancing fan blade rotates, the rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnet, promote stage magnetic switching speed key, a magnetic ring frame, fixed ring