What Should I Do To Prevent Air Conditioning?

Into the summer, the temperature gradually increased, the public home fans, air conditioning began to turn up. With the long-term open air conditioning, suffering from air conditioning patients increased, children, the elderly and pregnant women to pay special attention. So what should we do to prevent air conditioning?
1 air conditioning temperature: summer residential comfort temperature standard, usually considered to be controlled in the 24 ~ 28 ℃ range is more appropriate, both comfortable and does not affect the health of the room temperature is 26 ~ 27 ℃, sleep should be higher 1 ~ 2 ℃, indoor External temperature difference should not exceed 7 ℃.
2 ventilation: sweating when not direct hair, do not let the air conditioning outlet against their own, if a long time to stay in the air-conditioned indoor, shoulder, knee, waist, female belly, etc., can be covered with clothing to be protected The In the air conditioning use process, it is best to open a small window ventilation, or regular window ventilation. Elderly, children use air conditioning, the first half an hour before going out should be closed air conditioning and window ventilation to adapt to indoor and outdoor temperature changes.
3 diet: the sedentary air-conditioned room for the public, pay more attention to diet and exercise. Air conditioning family in the diet, to eat more water, wet food. Generally to light, nutritious food-based; drink plenty of water to speed up the body metabolism; home from work, drink a cup of ginger tea to eliminate the day of cold, in case of abdominal discomfort, ginger tea can be added in a small amount of lotus leaf, Agastache, Eliminate moisture in the body.
4 exercise: we can work during the intermittent exercise, massage, so as to avoid whole body stiffness. Rubbing the nose to help relieve nasal congestion, sneezing and other symptoms; according to the neck for the relief of vertigo, neck pain and other symptoms are very helpful.