Working Principle Of Electric Fan

The main parts of the electric fan are: AC motor. The working principle of the  is: the power coil in the magnetic field by force and rotation. Electric energy into mechanical energy, at the same time due to the resistance of the coil, so it is inevitable that there is a part of the power to be converted into heat energy. In addition, DC motor, DC brushless motor small power motor in small fan is more and more widely.

When the electric fan works (assuming the room and the outside world is not heat transfer) indoor temperature not only has not decreased, but will rise. To analyze the reasons for the increase in temperature: the electric fan, the current through the electric fan coil, the conductor is a resistance, so the heat will inevitably generate heat, the temperature will naturally rise. But why do people feel cool? Because the surface of the body has a large number of sweat, when the electric fan work together in the future, the indoor air will flow together, so we can promote the sweat evaporate rapidly, combined with the "evaporation need to absorb a lot of heat", so people will feel cool.