DC Roof Fan

Product Details


The DC Roof Fan is a small fan mounted on the ceiling to save space and expand the airflow range. The roof fan can automatically rotate and supply air at 360 degrees, and the air volume is from top to bottom, covering a wide range, and the ventilation effect is good.


(1)16inch fan blades.

(2)3 level controller:1/1000rpm、2/1150rpm、3/1250rpm;

(3)a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment;

(4)Case Material:ABS+PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment

(5)Power method:DC panel / 12v battery


(7)5mm motor shaft

(8)alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable

(9)engineering evaluation sample for approval before mass production



1. The larger the diameter of the blade, the more electricity

The power consumption of the DC Roof Fan motor is proportional to the load size (ie the blade size of the electric fan) and the voltage applied across the motor. The voltage applied across the motor is proportional to the speed, that is, the fan blades. The larger the diameter, the higher the speed and the more electricity.

2. High-speed gear to start the motor

For the same DC Roof Fan, the difference between the fastest and the slowest is about 40%, and the one-hour power consumption on the fast gear can be used for nearly 2 hours on the slow gear. In use, in the start-up phase should be in the high-speed gear, after reaching the rated speed, then change the intermediate speed or low-speed gear, which is conducive to the rapid start of the motor, thus achieving the purpose of protecting the motor.