12V AC DC Fan

Product Details

Product Description:

The 12V AC DC Fan has its own lighting function. This product has built-in lithium battery. There is no need to plug in after power storage, the power is enough to support working at low speed for 10 hours. What's more, the 12V AC DC Fan product itself can be directly external solar panels or solar systems operate directly.

Product features:

1. Beautiful shape, stable performance, small and chic.

2. Manual touch pitch Angle adjusting, vertical shaft can be 360 ° rotating freedom. It also can be used anywhere at home.

3. Low industrial noise and strong wind.

4. Affordable: cost-effective, low power consumption, is a model of low carbon life.

5. Safe and reliable: because the 2V AC DC Fan is light and flexible, the outer cover is too dense to hurt people, so it can be safely used.


Product Name12V AC DC Fan

3 level controller:1/1000rpm;2/1150rpm;3/1350RPM
16inch fan blades
Case Material:ABS+ Rail+Surface Treatment
Power method:DC 12V
Color: White
12PCS LED Light ;Fan Height:88CM
a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment
Box size:570X135X440mm


-16inch fan blades

-a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment;

-5mm motor shaft

-connect with DC power source directly e.g.solar power source

-Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter.

-alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable

-engineering evaluation sample for approval before mass production.