16'' ADC Light Fan

Product Details

Product Description:

3 level controller:1/1000rpm;2/1150rpm;3/1350RPM
a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment
Case Material:ABS+ Rail+Surface Treatment
Power method:DC 12V
Color: Blue With White
12PCS LED Light ;Fan Height:120CM
Work Menth:DC 12V or AC110~220V
Box size: 540X14X450mm


Input voltage: connect with DC power source directly e.g.solar power source;Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter.

alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable


Travel set out、camping、emergency for solar panels or battery to operate our dormitory,and others temporary without power supply regions.Especially good summer products for countries and regions which with weak AC powe


Total warranty/Guarantee: 12 months;

Warranty of battery: 6 months;

We provide 1 years warranty of product and shipment with free 1% spare parts;

We can send the parts free on condition that there is any breakdown with convincing evidence.