ADC 16 inch Stand Fan

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Product Description:

The ADC 16 inch Stand Fan provides cooling relief during the hot and muggy weather. This fan allows you to choose from a variety of Settings so you can meet all your cooling needs. The remote control allows you to easily operate the fan from the other side of the room.

Solid base design and multiple speed Settings make it ideal for use in medium and large rooms. Oscillations make the room feel cooler, and the automatic shutdown timer can shut down the fan after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

This ADC 16 inch Stand Fan also oscillates to help cool larger areas more quickly.


Product NameADC 16 inch Stand Fan

3 level controller:1/1000rpm;2/1150rpm;3/1350RPM
16inch fan blades
Case Material:PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment
Power method:DC 12V
Color: White With Red
12PCS LED Light ;Fan Height:120CM
a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment
Box size: 570X135X440mm


(1)16inch fan blades

(2)a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment;

(3)Case Materia:PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment

(4)5mm motor shaft

(5)connect with DC power source directly power source

(6)Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter.

(7)alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable

(8)engineering evaluation sample for approval before mass production

(9)12Pcs LED light