Office Shaking Head Stand Fan With 5 Blades

Office Shaking Head Stand Fan With 5 Blades
Product Details

Basic Info

3 level controller:1/1000rpm;2/1150rpm;3/1350RPM
16inch fan blades
Case Material:PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment
Power method:DC 12V
Color:Black with Red/ White With White/White With Red
12PCS LED Light ;Fan Height:120CM
a wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment
Box size:570X135X440mm


The pedestal's fan will look great in the most visible places in the office. Its elegant design will enhance the style of the room in which it is located. Its adjustable tilt function provides a variety of wind directions so you can enjoy the coolness whether you are sitting in a chair or just standing. Its electronic timer can be set to 2h, you can customize this fan for the best comfort. Easy adjustment of the fan orientation makes the room cool and has three speeds to suit your needs. Its sturdy circular base keeps the fan stable during operation. It's easy to install and easy to assemble without tools.


1.The air supply range of the five-blade fan is wider, and the adjustable wind is more of four gears.

2. With higher efficiency, lower noise, better mute effect and softer wind. 

3. The energy efficiency standard can reach level 1, level 16.

4. The flow field has a smaller velocity gradient and a more continuous and gentle touch.