12v dc floor fan

Product Details


The 12v dc floor fan uses an ultra-quiet, high-efficiency motor that makes the motor run smoother and quieter.

The noise is small, the air supply is gentle, the work during the day does not affect, and sleep at night does not disturb the sleep, giving you a quiet and comfortable environment.

12v dc pedestal fan features a streamlined design with new ABS blades for strong winds.

It has multi-speed adjustment function, strong wind power, and can set the use time for your convenience.

Details of the 12v dc pedestal fan

16inch fan blades

3 level controller:1/1000rpm、2/1150rpm、3/1250rpm

A wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment

Case Material:ABS+PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment

Power method:DC 12V/solar panel


12PCS LED Light

5mm motor shaft

Connect with DC power source directly e.g.solar power source


1.12v dc floor fan should be placed smoothly, there should be no obstacles in the range of shaking heads, and the power cord should be prevented from being deaf.

2. When using the time switch, the timing knob should be rotated clockwise and the counterclockwise family should be moved to avoid damage to the timer.

3. When the 12v dc pedestal fan makes strange noise, burnt smell or smoke during operation, the power supply should be turned off immediately.


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