Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Product Details


Our Oscillating Pedestal Fan has two kinds of height adjustable, which is suitable for different use scenarios, also can be used as a circulating fan. There is no fan box on the machine body, and the 3-speed knob on the front of the machine can adjust the wind to prevent the children from misoperation. The elderly and pregnant women can operate this fan without bending down.


-Power saving: Oscillating Pedestal Fan is more power saving than turning on the air conditioner to realize the whole house cooling quickly. It can effectively promote air circulation, its energy saving mode can also quickly achieve cool room.

-Restore true natural wind: With strong fan and strong motor, it is cool and quiet with low noise.

-Delicate design: Use exquisite small body design.And combined with the high appearance level frosted appearance, can be integrated into all kinds of space,

-Easy operation: The center bar is removable and can be raised if you want to use it on the floor or removed if you want to use it on the countertop.


-Oscillating Pedestal Fan

-18inch fan blades

-3 level controller:H:1250rpm,M:1150rpm,L:1000rpm;

-12LEDs; Fan Height:120CM;

-A wide-angle air supply;the level of directional adjustment;

-Case Material:PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment;

-Working method:DC 12V/solar panel;