Rechargeable Floor Fan

Product Details


Our Rechargeable Floor Fan has multiple wind mode selection, delicate wind, to meet the needs of the whole family at different times of the wind. It has slim size, which can be placed anywhere and designd for you to create a mobile natural wind at home.


-Brushless dc motor: It is quiet and strong. Different from ordinary ac motor, dc brushless is more quiet and has more powerful speed, more like natural wind.

-Personalize the shake head Angle: About 1200 automatic shake head, up and down 450 free adjustment. Fixed point shake head, user can customize the design shake head Angle.

-Height adjustment: The telescopic support rod can be adjusted in multiple segments, and the desired height can be adjusted at will.

-Charge and plug dual power supply: The bottom of Rechargeable Floor Fan is equipped with a charging port, which is connected to the power supply and at the same time provides power to the battery. If the power is cut off in summer, you can also enjoy the breeze.

Specification of Rechargeable Floor Fan

  1. More quietly: 45dB. large air volume and low noise.

  2. 100% pure copper DC motor: powerful, high speed, energy-saving and long life.

  3. Energy-saving:50% power lower than electric fan in the market.

  4. 3 level controller; H: 1350 RPM; M: 1150 RPM; L: 1000 RPM.

  5. 16inch fan blades.

  6. 35W power.

  7. 12pcs LED lamp.

  8. Case Material:ABS+PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment.

  9. Working method:DC/Solar panel/Controller box/12v batteries/ AC110~220V.

  10. 2 maintenance free lead-acid batteries;6V4.5Ah*2

  11. Charging method:AC110V/220V; charging time:6~8hrs

  12. After charged it can works 4hrs for high speed,8hrs for low speed.