Stand Fan

Stand Fan
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Basic Info

Remote Control:With Remote Control




Stand Fan:High Velocity Fan

Type:Air Cooling Fan

Timer:With LED



Production Capacity:10000000PCS

1. 3 types of wind mode: general wind/natural wind/slumberous mode

2. 15 pcs LED Lamps
3. Remote control
4. 120cm Fan Hight
5. Plating functional keys and decorative rings


Our stand fan produces a natural breeze, which blows over the body and promotes the evaporation of sweat to remove heat, making the body feel cool and cool. Usually, this kind of cool feeling can reach 5-8 ° C. In particular, some workshops have high labor intensity and high employee mobility. Only when the overall ventilation problem of the workshop is completely solved, can employees truly feel the ventilation and cooling brought by air circulation.


1.Highly efficient: high efficiency, energy saving and power saving.

2.Ultra-quiet: brushless motor, silent running.

3.Long life: brushless motor, long life.

4.Pure rotational speed: Electronic drive with accurate revolution.

1. Watt:15
2. Airflow: 1250rpm
3. Package Dimension (cm): 57*13.5*44
4. N. W (Kg): 5
5. G. W (Kg): 5.5
6. 40'FCLQTY: 2290.
We have all kinds of dc fans, include ceiling fans, stand fans, table fan, box fan, rechargeable fans with battery, please send your specification, then we can quote you ASAP.