Solar Wall Fan

Product Details


Solar Wall Fan is suitable for outdoor and indoor refrigeration, such as home cooling, camping, yurts, tents, driving and driving, and is a must for hot weather. It is sturdy and durable, light and stylish, economical and practical, high-tech environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.


(1)16inch fan blades.

(2)3 level controller:1/1000rpm、2/1150rpm、3/1250rpm

(3)A wide-angle air supply; the level of directional adjustment

(4)Case Material:ABS+PP+ Rail+Surface Treatment

(5)Power method:AC 110~220V / DC panel / 12v battery


(7)5mm motor shaft

(8)Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adapter

(9)Alligator clip or DC plug; 1.65M power cable

(10)Engineering evaluation sample for approval before mass production

(11)Color:White with blue

Charging method:

1. Solar charging: Place the solar panels in the sun, and do not let any objects block the solar panels. Sunlight is different in strength and strength, so it can be fully charged for a few hours.

2. Household power supply: Connect the portable light and household electricity with the power adapter. The Solar Wall Fan can be fully charged for several hours.


When cleaning the Solar Wall Fan, first turn off the power, first remove the protection net of the electric fan, and then remove the fan blade. Put them in the water with detergent to clean them, then wipe them with a clean rag, put them in a ventilated place, and then put them back. Do not wipe with a strong alkaline cleaner when cleaning the fan.